Frequently Asked Questions

What's this thing all about?

It's a place for pretty background pictures, but we like to think it's a bit more than that.

When are you going to add/change this or that?

Wallhaven is an ongoing project, so a lot of things aren't final or in place yet. The developers work on the site in their spare time, so things can take a while. Hold tight!

Where can I make suggestions or report problems?

We appreciate both. Please post any anything you're missing or bugs you find here in the forums! You can also find us on the IRC channel #wallhaven on! (link in the footer).

What has Wallhaven got to do with Wallbase? What happened to that place?

Nothing officially, but a lot of the Wallhaven team is made of users and staff of Wallbase. It's a long story—see the about page.

What can I do to help out?

If you have quality wallpapers to share then go ahead and upload! We also rely on users tagging and flagging to make sure others can find things properly. Please keep the rules in mind. If you're confident with PHP, databases and other frightening stuff, message one of the developers (see the team page).

What are SFW, Sketchy and NSFW all about?

It's how we categorize the “purity” of an image. Safe For Work means totally inoffensive, Not Safe For Work is the opposite, and Sketchy is somewhere in between. Check the upload guidelines for specifics.

Who is responsible for the site?

Check out our staff page!

What does Wallhaven run on?

PHP7, nginx, redis, Laravel, ElasticSearch, jQuery, dropzone.js (for multiupload), IQDB, and the dreams of children and men. Hosted on the OVH network

What's with all the porn?

We're pretty liberal about content here (but we do have limits). If there's too much flesh for your liking, you can easily get around it by deselecting the NSFW purity when searching. Or sign up and add bad tags to your personal blacklist!

Am I allowed to run scrapper/mass download scripts?

Being in alpha means we still have a long way to go before the site is optimized to its full potential. You may have already noticed how slow the site can be at times. Because of this we do ask that you please refrain from running scrappers or mass download scripts. We are planning on releasing an API at some point which should allow for easier ways to accomplish whatever you're trying to do, but until the API is ready we do ask that you do please hold off.
We are operating on a shoe-string budget here!