What Is On Your Blacklist?

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    As most of you know, if not all of you, there exists a Blacklist in your Browsing Options where you can input tags for things you wish not to see while browsing wallpapers on the site. I have long been curious about how many users take advantage of this great feature, and what you have blacklisted. So feel free to post some, or all, of the tags you have on your personal Blacklist. For example I have: cosplay among a few others.
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    here's mine: women #brunettes #blondes #cars #adventure time #dogs kittens #cats bears tomb raider animals Emma watson #pokemon LEGO #faces #wolves #tigers love #final fantasy Gorillaz anime #frogs Asian Devon jade planes #asses lingerie panties #pussies boobs #pinup legs nude #high heels #tattoos #models #garter belts stockings #redheads Playboy #piercings suicide girls #bikinis #pornstars #pussycat dolls gyms #athletic #fitness models dumbbells pantyhose caressing #jessica nigri yoga pants thigh-highs latex Added 2016-02-02 12:58:58 this is 0.1.34a version of my blacklist. next update coming after the site updates
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    @dwemer Why would you blacklist anime when you can turn off the whole category in view filters?
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    KrimzinZV because some general has wrong category, same goes to people and People tag and category accordingly. My blacklist sucks, and I will rewrite it from scratch after next update. There should be a lot of improvements, and such long blacklist won't be necessary. Also I wouldn't include all porn tags if only normal wallpapers had right purity. But purity sucks at this stage too.
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    I have only one: A User named ********. :-)
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