Desktop Thread? Desktop Thread.

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    Dual monitor, 3840x1080
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    Edit: Hello Everyone. Win 10 Enterprise Eval (I know..shush, I am going to switch). Currently re-downloading and re-installing all my applications... Bad Effing Issues made me reset Win10 and I lost all my data stored on D:\ Here it is: (Yes, "Music" contains an old version of billboard music)(Yes, I too noticed Selena's smthn)(time is effed up)(realtek high definition audio hear my wee wee) The application is called "fences". Quick launch Apps: uTorrent, VM, Batteries, OneDrive/*one love*/, IDM, Lighshot /* Feel free to suggest a better application*/, Graphics, Ethernet connected, Speakers:muted /* ;) */, Notifications. Icons on the Taskbar: Search, Task view, Store, FireFox, OpenVPN, devenv, Xbox, Asphalt 8: airborne, iHeartRadio. Win7 StartMenu ...Feels like home :) Fences: +Personal: //Stuff ++Background: //Folder that contains the background images: +++
    1920 x 10808
    ++currProjects: //Personal. ++Games: Bloody Roar 4, NES games, DeadPool, blah blah... +Game: //contains applications, emulators, projectors. ++VisualBoyAdvance //Gameboy&GameBoy Advance emulator ++PCSX2 //PS2 emulator ++VirtualNES // NES emulator :D ++DeSmuME // Nintendo DS? I think ++Steam // aka the good guys ++Flash player // vulnerability level:extreme and I don't give a shit. I love flash games :) ++UniPlayer //plays unity game offline +Secure: //Encrypted stuff and rootkit scanners ++Safe.vhd // Hehe...All my private data (shortcut) ++rkill.exe //aka explorer.exe well known ++FRST64.exe //also known. ++Chameleon: //MBAM +++(blahblah) //stuff that overrides rundll and blahblah +Music: //mp3 and m3u ++Bollboard //and other stuff ++ . . +Network: // Packets ++WireShark // My love <3 ++WPE Pro //Modified version PE ++MS_Network_Mon //Give it a try.. Very awesome! ++RiPE // Custom exclusive PE ++Zenmap //nmap gui +Dev: //My stuff ++Devenv //VS 2015 Enterprise (I WILL ALWAYS DOWNLOAD THE BEST EDITION OF EVERYTHING) ++CodeBlocks //c++ console apps (for the sake of gcc) ;) ++Flash professional //I use it to modify .fla files ++Git Bash // :) ++Git GUI //why use a console version when there is a gui version?! ++IDLE(Python) //I don't use it I just installed it for the sake of using hexrays and learning python. +OS //Contain iso(s) ++VMWare_Workstation //Full version :P ++ElementaryOS // good gui ++Kali Linux //just in case ++Remix_Os (2 (beta?)) //still sucks my ... ++Win7_Ultimate //My first love ++Win10 //&[email protected]#& but whatever... one can barely call it "alpha" ++FreeBSD.vmdk //VM version of Remix OS iso +Tools: //I use CE a lot ++Cain //meh ++Cheat Engine //POWER!!!! ++OLLYDBG //debugger ++Winrtgen //Somewhere under le rainbow.. wtf does it mean? double rainbow oh mah gawd ++ffdec // .swf decompiler &[email protected]!% Java Interface. ++XVI32 //hex editor ++IDA // with hex rays ++uTorrent //Freedom is Power. Power is Responsibility. +Browsers //Open source ftw ++Firefox //<3 ++Tor // The (N)o (S)h*t (A)s* is on to us! ++seamonkey //"all your Internet needs in one application." Other Applications... . . . Added 2016-06-18 04:28:25 sannukas0016 said:
    Background source?
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    Secret files at pulpit. But.. Wallpaper: ps. Google Chrome best wallpapers from Momentum.
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    Holy, eh i don't use my desktop that much. I only keep it turned on for my brother so he could find the games that he plays. So i kinda use it as a dump for programs that i don't want to forget about and stuff that i'm currently working on. Every now and again i'll delete everything besides my brothers games and start dumping new stuff.
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    It used to be clean ;-; Wallpaper: Arcane Nights By Taenaron By the way what's that console thing a lot of people seem to be using which displays theme info etc
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    Strinix said:
    By the way what's that console thing a lot of people seem to be using which displays theme info etc
    For Linux/Mac For windows You need cygwin terminal in order to run this on windows. Unless you have Windows 10 Build 14328(different from version) or higher , then you could just simply enable "Windows Subsystem for Linux(beta)" from programs and features.
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    Desktop I made/customized the icons with Gimp. Wallpaper This a modified version of a wallpaper I found on Wallhaven. Imgur had trouble loading the image, so I had to compress it. Original Wallpaper
    5120 x 288054
    This is the original. I don't own. I tried reverse image searching, no success. If you know the creator let me know. The Wallhaven uploader doesn't have the source info filled out. Icon Fill I made Example: Chrome Icon This is the Chrome Icon I made. PM me on imgur if you want the rest, all are 512x512, but many have the stray pixels around the edges like this chrome one. They aren't noticeable, but using the erase tool for 1-2 minutes on each would solve. Orange/Pink Fill I Considered Using
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    My desktop: Wallpaper:
    2228 x 147615
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    Just stock Win10 & Rainmeter. Don't like extra decorations (and have very slight PC, yes). Paradox: don't change wallpaper since both found wallhaven, just collect it. These 900x505 pixels seems to me like the best background ever, somehow.
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    6016 x 401615
    Icons are based on Flurry template by Crussong. Bigger window is Object dock, below - RocketDock. c:
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    elementaryOS, the wallpaper was found on wallbase about three years ago, but now I can not found the 1920x1080 wallpaper, only 1920x1200 .(〒︿〒) Thanks , wallbase & wallhaven .
    1920 x 12007
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    It's not perfect, but I like it.
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    I like it clean. And yes I know that my Rainmeter skins are not centered.
    1920 x 1080958
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    Zibbax Torsdag and February? Why is it not Februar or Thursday? Consider my mind thoroughly boggled. About as messy as it gets.
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    KrimzinZV said:
    Zibbax Torsdag and February? Why is it not Februar or Thursday? Consider my mind thoroughly boggled. About as messy as it gets.
    Well the skin is in English. I changed the day, though I can't tell why I haven't changed from February to Februari. After looking into the code I noticed that I may have accidentally changed a bit of code so that it would not recognize the change of February.. Now it's fixed though so it should be correct and say Februari!