"Subscriptions" Page eternal freeze

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    Hey again developers, Sometime within the last 3 weeks or so, give or take. Something changed. Now that I try to open my list of subscriptions. The browser tab freezes, can't click on any links on that page now. The browser is fully functional still, apart from that single tab with "Subscriptions". I've done what I could to rule out that it would be an error with Google Chrome. But the problem persists after clearing all kinds of webdata. It crossed my mind that it could be because that page is quite overflooded atm. However... I do clean up now and then. It contained over twice the current amount just two months ago and worked perfectly. My second guess, did you guys alter how that specific page loads images? (Is it trying to load all the wallpapers at once?) Have a good one guys and tnx for giving wallbase a proper rebirth, it's awesome! Best regards, B36 Edit: I just realised, sometime during this eternal wait. It downloaded a .xml file with the following info. "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <OpenSearchDescription xmlns="http://a9.com/-/spec/opensearch/1.1/"> <ShortName>wallhaven</ShortName> <LongName>wallhaven.cc wallpaper search</LongName> <Description>Search wallhaven.cc for wallpapers</Description> <Url type="text/html" template="https://alpha.wallhaven.cc/search?q={searchTerms}&ref=openSearch"/> <Image height="16" width="16" type="image/x-icon">https://alpha.wallhaven.cc/favicon.ico</Image> <InputEncoding>UTF-8</InputEncoding> <OutputEncoding>UTF-8</OutputEncoding> </OpenSearchDescription>"
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    Honestly not sure what's happening to you there. That xml-File (openSearch) exists on all pages so if that's causing issues it wouldn't make sense for just the subscriptions to freeze. Have you tried a different browser? Are you using any Browser AddOns that might be interfering?
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    Alright I have tested a few things now. -It is isolated to Chrome. -It is Not due to any browser addon. -RAM Usage remains the same, but the processor usage jumps from 1-2% up to >20% and stays around that number. Network usage is 0%. -Does not seem to be dependant on my settings on this website. Any ideas oh mighty Gandalf? May... I... Pass? :')
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    Honestly don't know. I can't reproduce it in Chromium and it doesn't seem like other people have this issue. The subscriptions page doesn't have any dedicated JavaScript either, so anything that breaks there should break elsewhere as well. Could you check the console (Ctrl+i, "Console" tab) to see if there are any error messages?
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    This is weird... I tried with the console, but that stays empty and freezes aswell when i open the sub page... I guess I'll start using a different browser for now. Thank's anyway!
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    Just thought I'd mention that I'm experiencing exactly what Balder36 described as well. I'm using chrome too.
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    StareCat said:
    Just thought I'd mention that I'm experiencing exactly what Balder36 described as well. I'm using chrome too.
    Buddy it's time to prepare for hell to freeze over by moving over to a different browser ^^
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    Balder36 StareCat I queried some stats from the database. You're both subscribed to over 800 tags. Since all of those are listed in the subscriptions sidebar it's possible that the browser can't handle that list / takes a while to render it. 1. Have you tried waiting for a couple of minutes? 2. Could you provide your exact version of Chrome, operating system and some rough specs of your machines (i.e. are they powerful computers or lower end)? Turns out there are users with a lot more subscriptions than you too, so either way we'll need to do something about that sidebar listing.
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    Balder36 lmao yeah. Firefox works perfectly. The whole site seems to run more smoothly on Firefox. Gandalf 1) The longest I've waited for the page to work is about a minute. I'll try again in Chrome and see what happens if I let it sit for 5+ minutes. The reason I haven't waited longer for it is because I've never seen a page (I mean, universally across the internet) behave in the way the sub page has been behaving for the past three days. Like Balder36 said, the browser itself continues to work as if nothing is wrong, just the content of the page itself. It's as if the entire page is one giant static image that can't be interacted with. When hovering over any part of the page, the cursor arrow turns into hand cursor (the one that normally appears when hovering over elements like links, buttons and pictures on the rest of the web site). Additionally, it's worth noting that I've had a large number of tag subs for the past 6 months- the first time I've encountered this problem was 2 or three days ago. Since it started, I haven't been able to interact with the sub page. 2) Chrome: Currently running Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) PC Specs: Intel i7 4790k, 8GB of ram (It's a Mid-Mid/High end PC I built about two years ago for gaming- I'm sure hardware isn't holding me back) It's running whatever the latest Windows 10 64-bit build is.
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    Gandalf That sounds possible, but then it shouldn't have worked fine a few weeks ago. I'm baffled... Though comparing our chrome versions, it seems likely having to do with that. Yes I've tried leaving it over night even, ended up with Chrome freezing completely, even other tabs like Youtube i had opened. Chrome version: 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) PC Specs: Intel i7-6700HQ 2.60GHz x64 16,0 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 980m Added 2017-02-10 05:54:26 Gandalf said:
    Turns out there are users with a lot more subscriptions than you too, so either way we'll need to do something about that sidebar listing.
    I left a request for one way of making that easier on the machines + easier to manage, here; Request to Subscriptions tag list
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    That's definitely not a performance issue with your machines, you'd need something a lot weaker to buckle from a listing like that. StareCat Now that actually sounds more like some layout element is covering the entire page. Could you give this a try: Do a right click somewhere middle-ish on the page where you get the hand cursor and select "Inspect" in the context menu. It should open up the dev tools at the bottom with a view of the HTML Tree and the selected node highlighted. If that works I would appreciate a screenshot. Balder36 I saw your suggestion, it's a good idea. I'll definitely keep it in mind when I get to work on that sidebar.
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    Do a right click somewhere middle-ish on the page where you get the hand cursor and select "Inspect" in the context menu. It should open up the dev tools at the bottom with a view of the HTML Tree and the selected node highlighted. If that works I would appreciate a screenshot.
    Gandalf Just to reiterate, the hand cursor is present for literally every pixel within the page (between the bottom of the bookmarks at the top of the Chrome UI all the way to the Windows task bar). Right clicking does not trigger the context menu anywhere. I think Balder36 already mentioned this- but the dev console is blank. There are no errors, I can't see any of the HTML or Styling- literally every tab and section of dev tools is blank. Something I've noticed since yesterday: As the page finishes loading, I can scroll and click on interactive elements but it's all very delayed. The scrolling is three seconds delayed and jumps to a final location once it kicks. Any elements and images I click on before the page finishes loading eventually open (same 3-5 second delay) in a new tab. (I have open images in a new tab in my browsing settings). Once Chrome indicates that the page has finished loading, the page enters the state that I previously described. Although I can get the delayed responses from the page while the page finishes loading, there is no point at which I can produce the context menu by right clicking.
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    Hi guys. I'm experiencing the same issue of freezing using Opera. Any news on this?
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    Gandalf The freezing happens when I use Opera (chromium browser), only addon worth mentioning is maybe Ublock Origin. Btw. I recently installed Vivaldi, a new chromium based browser, and the issue doesn't seem to occur there.
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    kosmonaut You mentioned vivaldi, which version are you using there? I'm hoping for a bug in chromium engine 56 which is used by chrome 56 as well as opera 43. Vivaldi 1.7 also appears to use that engine… Meanwhile I have Chromium Browser 55 installed with which I can't reproduce the issue.
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    Gandalf Vivaldi 1.7.735.46 (Stable channel) (32-bit) I will try again later with Opera and will disable all addons etc. Will have to wait though until I have new pictures in my subscriptions list. Edit: Tried with addons disabled, couldn't see any real difference.
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    I'm getting the bug in Opera beta as well but not in Chrome stable. No problem in latest Firefox beta or Vivaldi 1.7. Opera beta 43.0.2442.686 (PGO) x64 (same result with or without addons) Chrome 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) Also, in the interest of testing things, I decided to try out Opera Neon and Brave, both of which are also based on Chromium and Blink. Neither one had problems with the subscriptions page. I was forced to download a wallpapers.xml when I logged in on Neon, though. That's never happened before.
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    I don't know if I am just adding an unhelpfull comment. But I am experiencing this in my android Phone Chrome Browser aswell
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    Gandalf In the interest of keeping you updated on this bug in the case that you haven't been able to reproduce it yourself or haven't already located the problem and know what needs to be fixed:
    • Since the last time I posted to this thread, the version of Chrome I am running has been updated to: 57.0.2987.110 (64-bit),
    • The page behavior of the subscription inbox has not changed from the original description
    Here are some additional details that were not included in my former comments:
    • Once the subscription inbox page begins to load, I am unable to use [Ctrl+Shift+I] to access dev tools but I can open the dev tools manually through the Chrome drop down menu > More Tools > Developer Tools.
    • In the Elements tab of dev tools, using the "Select an element in the page to inspect it" tool (Ctrl+Shift+C) does not work.
    • Out of curiosity, I've tried running "Audit Present State" in the Audits tab of dev tools on the page in question. The progress bar of the audit gets to about 2/3 complete, a red square appears to the right of it and it never completes the audit. "Reload Page and Audit on Load" never completes either.
    Balder36 Are you still experiencing this in Chrome?
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    StareCat Yeah buddy, it is still the same. I've resorted to using different browsers when accessing my sub page.
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    I've had the same issue. Based on what others have said, it leads me to believe that it's related to the number of tags someone is subscribed to and/or the size of the sidebar on this page. Possibly the code associated with the custom scrollbar. Something is definitely causing the page to hang and be completely unresponsive to anything. The way I was able to work around it was by using an extension to inject custom CSS on the page to hide the container around the list of tags (since I just scroll through the pages anyway).