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    Hey, I want know if i can help, to translate in a new language (french) ? :) I'm 21 years old, studies System Electronic Numerical and now I studying to be special educator. I used Wallbase for the begining and I migrate now on wallhaven. I really enjoy this website to find so much pictures for my computer screen first, now to save beautiful pictures. I want help cause i think that a big web site like wall haven need to have a lot of translation for other peoples. I have time to help for a long time, not one week and go away so... Waiting your answer.
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    Hey, do you guys still need devs ?
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    Why my postings are deleted here?
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    Quentoo If you're going to apply at least read the description in the first post.
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    I'm really interested in being part of the team. Unless my vast experience is very deep on JAVA EE, also I've developed with PHP , JavaScript and other languages... I think i can give you great ideas and probably some experiments.. I'm really exited to be part of the team... I've almost 16 years of experience working on web develpment since .NET, JAVA, PHP and PlayFramework... Also a descent background on ORM's but still didn't made any serious thing with NOSQL databases... but I learn quick, and enjoy learning and doing new things.... My native language is spanish, but I'm fine talking and texting on english... greetings from SCZ/BO on the south american heart ! check my linkedin: