The Toplist has Landed! And other alpha news

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    Hey everyone! I'm happy to finally announce our number one most requested feature has FINALLY made it! The Toplist is here! Let us know what you think, how it looks, etc. Logged in users, you can change the default timeframe from one month to any of the options in the dropdown by visiting your browsing settings and changing your default there. Guests, feel free to join! I'll admit it took us far too long to get this ready. Sorry for the long wait and thanks for sticking with us all this time! Much love <3 Now a few of you may have noticed the alpha notices around the site have been changed. We are no longer planning a full wipe at the end of alpha. The fact is, we never really planned on the alpha lasting anywhere as close to as long as it has. My original plan only had us in an 'alpha' phase for a few months. Clearly that was super unrealistic of me. I think it's fair to say that at this point we've just simply come too far to just up and nuke the site. However, there is still a major need to cleaning up. On the move to beta (still no ETA there, sorry!) expect low view count walls, tags with not many wallpapers, old PMs, old subscriptions, etc to go away. As we get close to the actual beta/launch of the site expect more details. I also know there are those of you out there who have been waiting for alpha to end before uploading since you were expecting a fresh site to come back to. I'm sorry it took us this long to make a decision, hope you can forgive us! Anyway, hope you all continue to enjoy the site! Let us know what you think! And say hi in our Discord if you're into that sort of thing!
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    First of all, it looks great. Not sure how it could look bad considering that only the font color and the diamond icon to be evaluated, which are fine. Second of all, why separate page to register, since any new user would see the form on the main page? Third, how is the toplist working? Neither by views nor by favorites, the only thing I can think of is some sort of combination the two mentioned, maybe some median value. If you have a new separate variable for 'top' wallpapers besides 'view' and 'favorites' I would suggest to include another option to 'Toplist range' — The beginning of time, so we could see them all, especially from bottom. Maybe I'm wrong here and can't see the bigger picture, correct me if I'm making a mistake. Last, about partial reset at the end of alpha. Could you name the data you will/would NOT reset and why? I guess all user accounts(or at least not abandoned/deleted) will be saved and most of the wallpapers(popular ones) too, what else? Second last, can you briefly explain your beta plans? I mean the site is pretty good and when everything planned will be released(similar color search, for example), there will be not many features to implement and I think they are acceptable to work on while Release version of the site, you know. I believe you will continue to evolve the site with the help of grateful users, so the site will be changing even after all alpha/beta/etc versions are past. So is it really needed? P.S. Why would you change 'More' dropdown? 'Twas two rows and four columns, now it's 3x3 and the last slot is empty :( P.P.S. How many tags a wallpaper need to have to not belong to a 'Few tags' category?
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    I'm more stoked that we finally have At Least for resolutions. How do we go about setting that up in our browsing options to make it site-wide though? I thought that might've gotten changed as well but it's still the old text field. I'm not sure how I feel about not going ahead with that full wipe on site launch. I guess a partial wipe to clean out the gunk is good enough. I'd feel a lot better though if the dupe detection started working at least 99% and implemented those rules we've been talking about. Good job on the update, otherwise! Look forward to my bug reports hehehe...hehe...
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    Super sweet to finally have the toplists! It's the main feature I have been missing since the old days.
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    @dwemer said:
    Second of all, why separate page to register, since any new user would see the form on the main page?
    That has always been there from the start. It's actually older than the current start page and why should we remove it now? Doesn't hurt anybody.
    Third, how is the toplist working?
    I'll leave that one to AksumkA, he wrote the backend for this. However let me state a few things right here: 1. The current version is rather simplistic and will receive further updates and (hopefully) rewrites in the future. 2. I don't think we should disclose the exact details, otherwise some people will try to exploit it to boost their own uploads.
    Could you name the data you will/would NOT reset and why?
    We don't really know that yet. The details will mostly depend on what we find in the database. We have to get rid of anything that is broken from past bugs. We will also probably be quite radical against wallpapers, tags and user accounts that can safely be considered "dead", as in nobody has looked at them in months and nobody ever really cared about them either. This is the kind of data you mostly won't miss because you've never even noticed it, like accounts that were registered two years ago and never logged into again. Again, we haven't worked out the details yet.
    Second last, can you briefly explain your beta plans? [...] So is it really needed?
    We don't know that yet. There is a lot left to be done. On the other hand there always will be lots to do. In the end, does it even matter what we call it? "Alpha", "Beta", "Final" are just words and this is just a website. Calling it "Beta" or "Final" won't change much.
    P.S. Why would you change 'More' dropdown? 'Twas two rows and four columns, now it's 3x3 and the last slot is empty :(
    Try resizing your window to a smaller size, watch what happens. Bear in mind that before the Toplist there were only 4 main menu items.
    P.P.S. How many tags a wallpaper need to have to not belong to a 'Few tags' category?
    Since they all have 2 I'd say 3 is a safe guess. ;)
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    Saw there's no way to select multiple resolutions. Really miss that feature. Any plans on bringing that back?
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    Synopis still possible, just not with the "At Least" setting since that wouldn't make much sense.
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    I absolutely LOVE this feature. I used to have to press random and sift through a thousand or so backgrounds to find a handful I liked. Now I am finding tons within a few minutes.
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    Been waiting patiently, glad to know I can upload now.
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    God bless, I've been waiting for this feature for so long. Awesome!
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    Thanksssssssssssssssssss <3. 2 years waiting
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    Awesome, many thanks for the update!
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    Thank You. I missed these option since wallbase so hard
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    I also wanted to say thank you really for the "At Least" feature, I remember you guys had it the other page and I've been waiting for it for years. It makes the experience of coming here a lot better in my opinion as now I can filter wallpapers I find annoying (because they are smaller than I desire) without being forced to use fixed resolutions. ¡Gracias!
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    That's great! Ok, now we have a search-range. Can it be applied to all search-sorting entities? It would be cool to have it for 'Views' and 'Date added'. AksumkA ?
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    Sidebar at the upload page still says you're planning a reset!
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    Where can I find moving gif pictures?