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    Hey everyone! Tonight's update brings with it a nice and updated install of ElasticSearch! We've been on 2.4.x for far too long... With this update we are now running 5.6 and will be updating further to 6.2 shortly. These updates will help make sure we can get the hell out of alpha sooner, so get excited! This update also brings a (hopefully) improved tag autocomplete. I completely reworked it, so I'm hoping it returns better and more accurate results. Please let me know in this thread if you have trouble finding a tag! We're another small step out of alpha here! I'm hoping to keep this up and keep us moving forward. If you're interested in what we're up to, stop in our Discord and check out the devtalk channel. I'll be posting updates and news on what I'm working on every so often. <3 ya! Edit (05/06): Search engine updates are now complete. We are now running the latest and greatest ElasticSearch!
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    I'm really looking forward to get out of alpha, but at the same time scared of the "hard reset".
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    ohhh neato!! search seems alot more responsive though it just might be my imagination, awesome work!
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    Tag search/autocomplete works WAY better now, the old one was pretty drunk a lot of the time, now it's responsive and actually finds the obvious results. Thanks :3
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    I agree search is working much better - kudos! These may be newbie questions, please feel free to redirect me to existing answers thouhg I've tried to find them on m own, I promise! :-) 1) I'm curious, is it (or will it ever be) possible to search using booleans, e.g. id:X and id:Y? 2) I'm also confused about how the tag system works - when I click on a wallpaper's tag it goes to a URL of form which is a "landing page of sort", but then clicking the "More TAG Wallpapers" button at the bottom of that page leads to URL which often yields different results and may not include some of the same wallpapers found on the previous page.
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    All search updates complete! Nothing new and exciting with this update sadly, but it's still progress! philbweb 1: Should be possible, I'll look into it. 2: By design. The tag page is basically just an overview of a given tag. It's a place to show stats, allow reporting, and subscribing, etc.
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    AksumkA Re 1: Thanks for considering! Re 2: I get the overview page concept; I'm still not clear why tag/XXXX would return some wallpapers that aren't in search?q=id:XXXX or vice versa. Are the tag/XXXX pages hand edited by users or auto-generated? I guess I'm trying to understand the difference between "tag" and "id"...
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    I have a question why, when searching for a photo with an image, there are no results
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    Boyeczka said:
    I have a question why, when searching for a photo with an image, there are no results
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. All fixed now.
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    I'd like to be able to search for "username."