Wallhaven Changelog

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    Almost forgot to update this thread too! - Search by color!! - 👀 Emoji support 😁 - Exact tag searching No more anime getting in your animals or vice versa. Click either search link on a tag's page, or enter id:<tag ID> in the search. - New Tags page with improved sorting and searching (individual categories can be sorted and searched) Users can also search for tags created by a user . Search by:<username> - Tags listing will now also be updated correctly (counts won't be out of date) - Fixed pages not loading correctly if reopening a closed tab - Updated our upload rules and implemented a limit of 50 uploads per day Highlights to the rule changes are: No more than 5 images from the same set. Clarified what we define as sexual interaction. All users will need to accept the new rules before uploading - Boring backend changes
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    - Upgraded ElasticSearch to 5.6 - Improved tag autocomplete - Small fixes