πŸŽ‚ 4 Years of Alpha! πŸŽ‰

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    yeeees. i love this :D my other account Since 2014 xD ps: my english so bad.
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    I've been here ever since Wallbase went bye-bye. After crying, dry heaving, and maybe a little plotzing, I found out Wallhaven had sprung into existence from its ashes, and I've been a fan ever since. Thanks for all the great work you've put into this site!
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    It was a sad day when wallbase.com closed, I'm here with you ever since guys, great job!
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    Hurray !! 3 Years with wallhaven. I have seen how this site grows and changes And they have done an awesome work always adding something more Despite site being free there is no ads Cheers for devs! Do you have any road map or list that you have planned to implement in future? I have only one question Are you planning to do something about scraping What i am talking about is that i have found 2 sites that is clearly scraping wallpapers from this site One being where they have profiles with all wallpapers (i had this posted some time ago) and recently found one more site that has scraped only wallpapers stile looks familiar and its not wallhere or wallhalla Or there is nothing that you could prevent from such high amount of wallpapers scraping by bot because trust me no one would be doing this by hand
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    First of all thanks for the amazing work you've done here. I would like to ask for an "at least" resolution on the browsing settings filters? It's getting increasingly annoying to search for high resolution wallpapers because most of the new ones come in non-standard resolutions. With the current filter options I hardly get a full page of new wallpapers per week with all 16x9 and 16x10 resolutions from 1440p to 8k. PS: I too am getting annoyed by the huge amount of porn pictures, maybe NSFW pictures should get harder restrictions then the rest? Like 10 per day?
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    Followed from wallbase. I think we should all show some gratitude for the work you have done. GREAT JOB !!!
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    Here since I found Wallhaven after Wallbase shutdown, you've been doing an amazing work guys, congrats! 4 years is a lot of time! Keep making this site awesome!
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    8,776 favs later, time sure flies!
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    :) after wallbase this is my first home related to wallpapers :)
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    Good job, the new wallbase, recently made an account. Been using it for a while though, but didn't mind to create an account. All i can say is, awesome work, altough in alpha, looks amazing. Have a great day!
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    We getting close to ole Wallbase eh
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    4 years already? wow that went by so quick! thanks for the site and all of your hard work by yourself and the rest of the team! looking forward to many more years!! :)
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    I'm looking forward to the new version