The Alpha is Ending Soon™

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    Delete all wallpapers that have less than 1-2 favorites too, get rid of the bloat?
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    Now i think 50 Uploads per day is not good enough. No Upload and no play makes WallpaperManiac a dull boy. Please raise the Bar to 100 Uploads per day and well all can sleep tonight much better :-) This is my Christmas Wish... PS: And i will take care a bit and report all those shabby and bad and EVIL Uploads, we all don't need here (Yes we are) and nobody is looking at (I am) he he...
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    Well, i never use my account, but i dont want to delete it, now i coment to do this Added 2018-12-20 21:07:20 Well, i never use my account, but i dont want to delete it, now i coment to do this
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    Late to joining the forums and all - I've been a user for a LONG time now. Excited to see things coming to fruition now :)
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    heres to hoping the transition goes as smoothly as possible I also hope that the WindowsPhone App still works afterwards but only time will tell.
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    Can't believe it's actually happening. Hope the switch goes well.
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    Brixed said:
    WallpaperManiac, creating a distinct line of what is allowed and not when it comes to walls such as you posted is not an easy feat. The flower photo of yours has five favorites, and more than 250 views, so there is clearly some interest in it. Are you going to exclude those members of the site just because you think those walls are not fit for the site? There is a tag system in place for situations like these. As for the NSFW walls, who decides what the criteria are? "I don't like these, so therefore they should not be allowed.". Sure, let's turn people who have an interest in those categories away because it's too hard to use the tag system. If the moderators really want to exclude certain people with certain interests from using the site, then they should do so, as it is their right to. However, don't complain about low activity when people start leaving because walls they post are removed and users banned because they are not abiding by the very loose terms set in place.
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    Hello, Is the discord server only for "special" people ? I can't anage to join in, it says link expired.
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    Make sure to announce the transition at least couple of weeks in advance, that way we (the users) would be aware of any potential issues that could arise we know why. Looking forward to it!
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    Awesome! Really looking forward to the API. defurious said:
    Would it be possible for existing wallpapers that make it past clean up to be accessible via a legacy ID that uses the current numeric ID. Just for a short transition period(1-2 months). Or maybe a redirection system that detects the legacy ID and matches it to the new alphanumeric ID.
    Or what about an API endpoint that translates all current numeric ids to their new alphanumeric id? (and give an error when it no longer exist). I have a cache of wallpapers named by their numeric ids and I would rather rename them than delete it or end up with two incompatible caches. Also, I really appreciate the way wallhaven handles NSFW content by a good tags system instead of overly restrictive and (necessarilly) opiniated rules concerning content. Not sure how I feel about a decay system or purging the low hanging fruit. AksumkA, will favourites/user collections be exposed in the API?
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    I wish it would be tomorrow the beta starts.... :-( Sometimes "soon" is way toooo long...
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    Endless alpha is not endless now PogChamp
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    Looking forward to it!
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    Sweet. Looking forward to the streamline and update.
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    There are still a lot of wallpapers on this website. Your wallpaper is great!