scraping is very epic yes

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    the guys over in the-eye discord been scraping wallhaven because the html scraping method is going away and they think the api will not allow downloads or something, it was pretty fucking funny also frenchy wants you to know discord with 1900+ people just pinged with Here i hacked into the mainframe to post onto this closed website this is epic huh? frenchys a nice guy from experience /s ok buddy i mention the api again and he starts to get a little mad i wonder why ok buddy the eye is pretty cool, just sometimes they can be cancerous
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    Indeed. Bit of an interesting situation, but totally unwarranted from Frenchy a call to action wasn't really needed IMO. Sorry about your website going down 0: and yes, I am Randomm in those images..
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    I can understand scrapping, but when a sites devs specifically ask that you not and you crash their site because of it. The frenchy guys basically made this sound like internet trolls saying "fulfill our request or we DDoS you"
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    When will waiting be over for API, it has been long time for same.