Wallpapers deleted for low quality

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    Hello, my wallpapers have been deleted for "low quality" reason whereas their quality was excellent. I mean I posted photos I shot with my samsung galaxy A8 and I hadn't even modified the photos before posting them here. Indeed I just copy/paste them from my phone to my computer and then uploaded here on the site. Thus, could someone explain me truly why my photos have been deleted as there is no quality problem. Thanks. (sorry if my english is not perfect I am a french-speaker.)
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    You've had explanation when they were deleted. Low quality amateur photos.
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    Please, what are your requirements for a photo to be considered as a normal quality photo then ? Edit : I read it just now but I still don't understand what you mean by "low quality" because my photos had details and a great resolution. Of course, they are amateur photos but does that mean for you that they are consequently "low quality" photos ?
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