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    The rules don't change much these days, but when they do it would probably help for it to be announced, at least until we require users to be telepathic. Feel free to ask about/discuss rules or changes here too. July 2015 * We now allow uploads of very high-quality screenshots. What we mean by that are screenshots of the standard of the rest of the site's images, so if you're going to upload them, they shouldn't be blurred, very grainy or noticeably compressed. LQ screens will continue to be removed! * The rule allowing a maximum of 15 pics for porn/glamour sets now covers all content. We're still not 100% on this number or how suitable it might be for different types of content, so we'll see how this works out. June 2015 * We now have a rule against material that depicts or promotes hatred, and radical propaganda, except when used harmlessly. By 'radical' we mean things like political movements with a hateful agenda, and by 'propaganda' we mean anything that might be seen as promoting this kind of agenda. What this means in real life is that the likes of portraits of Hitler, photos of terrorist activity, fascist rallies etc. are all not allowed. Things like cute cartoons, art or photos of Axis aircraft, Wolfenstein and so on are okay, however. The purity rule making 'controversial symbols' Sketchy is still a thing, so just make sure you flag these kinds of things right if you upload them. * Because of changes to the search function, it no longer matters if a tag is in plural form or not (implying anyone cared in the first place). Obviously we aren't going to go back and change old tags, but from now on you can just tag in singular. In a few cases a plural will make more sense (like flowers, maybe) so use your best judgement.
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    Things like cute cartoons, art or photos of Axis aircraft, Wolfenstein and so on are okay, however.
    Another way of putting it will be, "No material depicting or promoting hatred or radical propaganda, except when harmlessly used in artistic media, pop-culture, games and parodies." If however, the art or media has the intent of promoting or glorifying a radical or hateful agenda, then those are not considered harmless uses and hence are not allowed.
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    First of all I want to say that I love this site and cant wait for the alpha stage to end and all the previous wallpapers to come back.( I think i read in one of the posts that after alpha stage the content of the previous site will be reupd). Regarding the rule changes post above. I agree with whatever the owners/devs decide as this is their site to do with what they want.( you can even ban all wallpapers with the color yellow, it is your wish). Personally I just wish people grew a thicker skin and stop being offended by everything. The age of the whole PC bullshit is so tiring. Freedom of speech is losing its meaning... Anyway my rant is now over. I wish all the people working on this site the best so that they can continue making it even better. P.S - Please try and post more wallpapers of the goddess Alison Brie. Hahaha. Tc
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    The age of the whole PC bullshit is so tiring.
    Couldn't agree more, it is a censorship tool. Most of the content deletion rules are obvious and standard like other websites that are available. e.g Racism etc. Some things are a bit trickier with a global audience, like marajuana or guns, so we throw them in the sketchy category. They are all still available via the search or tags and will show up in the toplist if sketchy is enabled.