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    Hey, I want know if i can help, to translate in a new language (french) ? :) I'm 21 years old, studies System Electronic Numerical and now I studying to be special educator. I used Wallbase for the begining and I migrate now on wallhaven. I really enjoy this website to find so much pictures for my computer screen first, now to save beautiful pictures. I want help cause i think that a big web site like wall haven need to have a lot of translation for other peoples. I have time to help for a long time, not one week and go away so... Waiting your answer.
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    Hello, Hope this message finds you well, I was wondering whether you are still looking for developers to join the dev team at Wallhaven. I met this platform after being an active user of Wallbase a few years ago. I am 24 now and I hold a master's degree in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering. Currently I work as Embedded Software Engineer near London, UK. I guess that if I leave you here some links I can avoid making this message too large (boring), so there we go! As you could infer from my profile, most work I do nowadays is low-level stuff on microprocessors, so I might not sound of interest at first sight for you, guys. However, I have to say that working in the 'IoT' industry sometimes took me to write REST APIs, web interfaces, etc. I've recently discovered that this is something that I love doing and it became a hobby some time ago. I've got a year experience in Javascript (mainly Node.js but with a bit of experience in frontend side too) and general web technologies and frameworks. I've been working in the software industry for two years now, so I am quite familiar with the sort of tools you might be using (CI servers, Git, unit testing...) I am looking for joining a project like yours so I can give my free time to something that a lot of people would love. I see a big potential on this platform and I'd like to contribute with my little grain of sand to make it better. Looking forward to hearing from you,