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    So we finally got around to creating the wallhaven.cc Forums! You may need to clear your cache (Ctrl+F5) if things are not displaying correctly!! We still have a good amount of work to do on them, but we figured they're ready for some use! Please excuse any bugs you might find and make sure to report them if they haven't been already! You might also want to give our rules another quick read. We'll be working on them shortly. So! Let us know what you think! Another big milestone down and another leap closer to leaving the never ending alpha! Welcome!
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    Yeaaah! Don't forget to hit Ctrl + F5 to force a hard refresh in your browser after the update. :D If anybody misses the comments: They are still around (for now!). They have been copied into this thread for your convenience.
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    I just want to take the time to congratulate the staff for all of the work they have done. I know that getting the forums up and running has been a goal for quite a while. You all should be very proud at what you have built.
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    Since all accounts will be deleted after the alpha phase of wallhaven, will the forum posts, users and threads be deleted too?
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    I really like the design of the forums it suits the overall look and feel of the site.
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    You guys are doing great things! I'm sure I don't need to say it, but keep it up!
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    Oh, hello. I've been with WB with it's first months. Hope WH will be even better and bigger. Cheers.
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    Very nice forum! The wait was worth it :D
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    Sweet. Even a week earlier than anticipated :3 Now, to fix these 502 errors..
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    Looks like we're getting DOS'd right now. I'm on it but it may take a little... update: It's stopped for now.
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    Yey !! Awesome forum ! I like very much the design. Nice work ! :)
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    Forum looks very clean and well organized. Dare I say better looking than Wallbase...
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    Congratulations ! long live wallhaven ! Cheers :)
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    At last, a forum! Nice work guys, keep it up! :)
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    Nicely done! Love what you've done and why you've done it. Will be supporting you in all ways possible behind the scene! :)
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    Very nice. Keep up the good work! :)
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    Fun fact: There have already been 10 updates pushed out to the site here since we launched! Stupid bugs are the worst kind -_-