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    I was looking for some ideas on the net and found that someone use my art composition to sell on some canvas ,mug, coussins ect..ect.. and it says made by some other name then mine . Kind of strange. How would you react if someone did the same to your work. I know that im using other people photograph but never put my name under it. browse my gallery you' ll see. This is the site that she sell it .
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    Igenu yeah when someone sell something you make but you never get money from it because you just want to share for free. i feel disapointed too. "just put myname/soure on it or dont remove this (watermark or something) its not that hard" my heart scream when its hapen to me. but when you share your work to the internet, you can't avoid that. you know what, if someone use your work or even sell it? that mean YOU ARE FUCKING AWSOME your work it's good, it's beautiful, its awesome and everyone like it. just keep doing it and become better on it. and somehow you will reach the point when you dont care how much money they make. if you like share something and everyone likes it, its feel good (idk much word in EN but its really good) and you cant buy it with money. "time is money" "time is relative" "money is relative" i hope it will help if it's dont you can report it (dmca or something idk) you can read it here maybe some action will make you better keep doing what you like sorry for my bad english :)
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    But the site shouldn't permit this. That person also use artwork from many people and sell it. Me too bad English lol!
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    Your art is really impressive. Anyway, you should try to contact the site admins and tell them your situation