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    Don't be shy. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Okay, let me break the ice! :) Hello, this is 1355970 a.k.a. numbers. I make a living from translating / fixing computers / accepting all sorts of commissions I complete using software I'm proficient with. In my free time I do a lot of Rainmeter coding, and since Rainmeter is a desktop customization tool, a site like wallhaven is important for me, not only for finding wallpapers to best fit some of my creations, but to see what wallpapers are the most popular, so I can visually adjust my creations to them. I'm a former wallbase user - as a lot of you probably are as well -, and I'm looking forward to have my favorite wallpaper site back with all bells and whistles under new management! :D
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    Hi, I'm Olórin, also know as Mithrandir or Gandalf the Grey. I was originally sent to Middle Earth by Manwë to take care of that whole Melkor business (Sauron's master) but since that's all taken care of now I'm studying informatics and using my mad wizard skillz to write passable code. I joined wallbase about a year before it went offline, but I was never an active community member – just looking for cool Wallpapers. When things went downhill I went looking for it's successors and decided to join wallhaven shortly after development had started (about two weeks in). Since then I've written most of the front end and also done some back end work. I'm an avid Linux user, used to work a lot with Photoshop and do generally nerdy stuff. x)
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    Hey, my name is like "x", unknown and ambiguous. Nice to meet you, how are you doing? After the demise of Wallbase I was scouting the world wide web through the google scope for a new source of fresh desktop awesomeness. That's when one day out of the blue, I stumbled across this amazing site. I realized right then and there that this was the new frontier! At first I actually wanted to contribute to the project, but other obligations and mainly work got in the way. Now I'm just simply enjoying the wallpapers and hoping for a great community to grow. I like programming, coding, drawing and anime. And if I'm not geeking it out I like to play guitar with my band and drink Whisky. See you around!
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    I am here for the wallpaper.... Tastes good to be bringing the apocalypse with me. I am impressed/not impressed with you but just know I am watching what you put on here. I have eyes in back of my arms and on the tails of my feet. Don't mess with crazy or I will stir fry! I want to make this better all over. Like a nice baked ham. I will stop at nothing to gather all of your wallpapers and put up what I find all over the place. I even make my own sometimes. Not often but I do. I like to think I can keep up with the tags..... but I can't .... sadly they have changed again.
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    I am one of the Wallbase remnants, and aim to bring my experience as an admin at wallbase to make this site awesome (and less insane, hopefully...)
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    Gandalf said:
    ... I'm an avid Linux user, used to work a lot with Photoshop and do generally nerdy stuff. x)
    What is your favorite linux distro and desktop environment and why?
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    Hey there! There's not much to say about me, but here it goes. I'm currently studying to take the bar exam. I love to read, watch netflix and play games. Former Wallbase user. Nice to meet you all!
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    greatwoohoo I'm on Linux Mint with Awesome WM. Awesome is a tiling window manager and tiling window managers are awesome. :D I'm currently thinking about switching to something a little more light weight, like Manjaro or Fedora, maybe try out bspwm. I've been loyal to the Debian family for many years now, so that'd be a rather big step for me. PS: If we're gonna geek out some more about Linux, let's do it in a separate thread x)
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    Welcome everyone! I'm AksumkA. I run this shit. I was an active member of the wallbase staff team for maybe two years before we lost our old home. Just before wallbase fell offline completely I decided to see if I could take a crack at creating a successor. Truth be told, I never imagined this would be as big of a project as it turned into. And I especially never thought the site would get this popular while still in the Alpha phase. Here's hoping we'll be even better for Beta (whenever that will be). Glad ya made it!
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    Hello Wallovers !!I I'm a-KiRa ™, ex wallbase member :3 mmmmmmm impassioned graphic designer, music lover (pretty much) also I like play online games (APB /Planetside 2/UT . . . . ) (a total geek xD ahahaha) and a wallpaper maker (when I have some time), and of course wallpaper lover (nothing better than good art on your desktop) :P , I really love this site coz I can found some inspiration here :D so hi everyone, nice to meet you all !!
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    'Sup dudes. Name's Trynos. Not real name, of course, but let's pretend it is. I'm, as our dear admin said, a remnant of the old Wallbase, as I guess most of the users here are. As I am a wallpaper addict, to the point of changing mine every day, I needed a site like this. And, well, there's not much more to it. Hoping to know y'all mothafuckas. Hobbies: playing the guitar, movies/tv shows and sex. Oh, and listening to music, mostly grunge. Alice In Chains n' shit. LETS KEEP THIS THREAD ROLLINNNNNNN
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    G'day folks, I've been following WallHaven since it "took over" from WallBase. It's great to see the advancement made and the full version can't come fast enough! I'm one of those people who are constantly changing their wallpaper, so I love this site! :D I've actually been a member here for about a year but have decided to start actively participating rather than just being an observer. To this end I've also started to add my own wallpapers. Please check them out and let me know what you think. Cheers.
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    name as stated really. used to hang around wallbase for all my needs, now wallhaven is my wallpaper home, which coincidentally, got me interested in HTML, CSS3, jScript and everything else associated so i write stuff when i have spare time, have written a rainmeter skin but been a year since last update (thanks to university). currently studying graphic design at university. hobbies are currently building JDM cars like PS13's and 180SX's, DJ'ing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Building PC's and also tinkering with server racks, JBOD's, networks switches ect, you get the whole ordeal, sure there is something ive forgotten but ill get around to it later if i remember.
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    Hey everyone, it's your new favorite user youfeedme and im innit for the long run This is a cool site and it's a pleasure to partake and be part of a really dope community, also do click this to take a gander at my uploads. Stay awesome, y'all.
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    So... So what's cool... uh... dudes? (isn't this the way cool kids talk right now?) Anyway, hi. I'm Nyksund. If you live in northern Norway you're probably familiar with the name. As it says on my profile bio, I'm a translator (currently only Brazilian Portuguese ←→ English). I'm very passionate about linguistics and learning new languages. Already took classes for Japanese, Swedish, Spanish and I'm currently learning German. I'm also very enthusiastic about gaming culture, science fiction, music (and perhaps non-music), coffee (mmm, coffee!) and general geekiness. Oh yeah, also a remnant of Wallbase. Prazer em conhecê-los!
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    Hi I'm known online as AgEnT x19 It's a name I picked up from an Australian TV show I watched as a child, it called "Scooter Secret Agent" I first used that name in games and as I grew-up, It stuck with me as an online code-name. I've been following this community since the days of wallbase. I'm a 2nd year university student doing Aeronautical engineering. I'm deeply interested in programming (Python, Web development, Android development) I'm a Windows 10/ Ubuntu 14.04 user on my laptop (Dual-boot). I use Android 5.1 lollipop on my phone (Nexus 4), I use custom ROMs.
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    I am new here. I am 24 year old.
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    Hello, I'm BRAINfreeze. AK knows me. Decided to hop on once I learned one of his other projects got broken and he linked me here. Seeing that alpha notice, hopefully I didn't join at a bad time. Typing from a computer I built myself about 6 months ago. Hoping I've found a good place to stay.
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    BRAINfreeze said:
    AK knows me.
    Quick to play that card eh bud! Can confirm: Do know him :p
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    G'day all,PROVOST from Australia here. Love this site as it has always got so much amazing content. Hope everyone is enjoying it here as much as me! :)
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    Hello there, I was poking around this site for some walls and I have to say there is a vary quality collection you guys have here, I'm going to be add my own soon.
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    Hi i'm sun I use photoshop sometimes .
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    Name as seen above i am a lover of games,anime and of course wallpapers i was around when wallbase went down and was heart broken but found this place and my wallpaper love was rekindled i try to upload wallpapers when i can if you want to check out my uploads click my name.