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    Let's start countup, I guess that's what I should call it :) So, I start with number one. Rules:
    You can use only wallhaven pictures(currently, if the game goes too hard I will change the rules.)
    Number/counted objects has(have) to be visible somewhere on the picture.
    Numbers should be most of the time themselves.If you can't find such wallpaper, then you can use eg. 0032 for 32 etc.Your number should be first or last, but not in the centre.
    You are not allowed to post two pictures in a row = spam. (Unless nobody else has replied in at least a week – edit by Gandalf)
    Do not post the same number two or more times!
    Do not use maths to get your needed number.Let's just go how it was meant.
    Allowed forms: #1 - Licence plate
    1920 x 12003
    or #1 - There's one star
    1920 x 108028
    Next person has to post picture where you can see number two and then another person has to post picture where you can see number three. Hopefully everybody understands ;) Let's se how far we can go
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    We are not that well-tagged yet...just saying.
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    What do you mean? You can use [img] ['/img] for that also
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    But it's more fun with thumbs. Question is, do the numbers have to be by themselves? For example, does the digit 2 count in this one?
    2560 x 160054
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    Thumbs? I tought so too, but if there going to be numbers like 149 or something, then I don't think that it is easy do find such wallpaper, where is 149 in it. Example for 2: You can see 2nd gear as 2 or there are two dogs Proper post for two in my view is: #2 (2nd gear) It is one of the popular forum games, I can't belive that till now, none don't know how this game goes lol
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    #3 (3 main characters)
    2880 x 18008
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    13 Japanese Lanterns
    1920 x 1200314
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    18 silhouettes including reflections.
    1920 x 10808
    Added 2015-07-21 15:52:56 19 nude chicks
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