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    We amazingly still have a ton of work to get to before we're ready to leave alpha. In Thumb Tag Adding - Adding tags right from the thumbnails. "Smart" toplist - Filter on more criteria other than view count and date uploaded. API - An API that will allow app developers to more easily get to our data without scrapping our HTML. Not Currently Planned - Phone apps At this time we are not planning any phone apps. There is just too much else we need to get to first. (We may put together an API at some point to make it easier for third parties to cover this, though.) We will update this post as things change. Sit tight!
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    I don't know if I should place my request here, but anyway. In Thumb Tag Removing no comment In Thumb Tag Blocking still no comment Tag Dupe Detection images have tags duplicated sometimes Also, I think that the purity system(SFW, Sketchy, NSFW) is worthless due to people paying no attention to this. I mean, sometimes you can't see some fantasy art because for unknown reason marked as sketchy or nsfw. Vice-versa when you see boobs or something because the image isn't 'nsfw' and has no tag that user can block. Are you sure you need this? There would be no problem with browsing without purity categorization if people could tag images properly.
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    Feel free to open new threads for your suggestions. ^^ As for the purity settings, I don't think a few edge cases justify calling it worthless. Do you really think if it was based solely on tags that'd work?
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    Well, you're definitely wrong about that. xD Anyway, keep this thread about what's planned.
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    Now I'm sad about being wrong.
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    If I have an image like this how do I know if it's 'anime' or 'people' or 'general'? Also, do you plan to have a possibility to implement images to posts on forums?
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    I don't know if it's working // it isn't working, how do i do this?
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    Congrats on your recovery :D There is always some weird exotic edge cases. Don't get hung up on those, just put it where it feels right. The one you linked I'd put in “People” because what I see is a guy with a printout. When you write/edit a post there's a Help button at the top right which leads you to this page where our custom BBCodes are explained. As part of some future changes we'll make sure that if you just copy-paste the URL it'll generate the thumbnail as well, but please rely on the method described on the help page.
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    Omg that new rainbow wallhaven logo
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    @dwemer That's just temporary, gotta support the hype. ^^
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    When there were only comments, someone told that I am free to join the developers team. Was that serious? Maybe I could do something helpful. What skills set do I need?
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    That reminds me I was going to set up a thread about joining the dev team. Short version: We could totally use some help, though we are kinda weary of people joining the dev team and then not doing anything. People tend to be very motivated until they see our substantial code base and realize what a commitment it really is. So we're going to need a little something to judge if a person is really serious about joining the devs. If you feel like you are up to it, write a PM to a dev and we'll discuss it. Be sure to include how you think you can help (maybe some references) and why you want to help. Here's what we are using. You don't necessarily need to know everything, everybody has their specialties.
    • PHP, JS, LESS
    • Laravel (If you've used a similar framework before, like Symphony or Zend, Laravel should be easy enough. If you've never used a framework be prepared for a bit of a learning curve)
    • ElasticSearch is our search engine, if you have experience with that your help will definitely be welcome.
    • Server stuff (Linux, HHVM, nginx, redis)
    • git, grunt, vagrant and all the other fancy tools (you should at least know git, otherwise you're probably not advanced enough to be of much help, sorry)
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    hi guys first i wanna say thank you so much for this awesome site i loved wallabass and also love wall haven these planned features are very good and make the site ultra awesome but some of them (features) are more important than others like periodic search system ( as you told that in first of features ) or duplicate detection i want to say get the all focus on the important subject then pay attention to others i repeat : thank you and the wall haven is awesome keep it always up and high (sorry if i had bad language grammar because my native language isn't english)
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    And about, color finder , still relevant ?
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    i have a small idea for the subscription services: it would be much nicer when the system will only forward wallpapers to someone "xyz" which aren't already marked as favourite by "xyz"
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    I hope i got the right thread for this... But i was thinking, and got an interesting idea. Could you add a counter that shows how many images have you seen, or how many are marked as seen for your account ? Thanks
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    br3athless, what's the point of such feature? also i have an idea too: autocomplete answering to people that have replied in the thread, so if I'd like to answer to Gandalf, I could type @G and it suggest all nicknames starting with the letter, you know. in case you typed some nickname wrong
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    Are you going to create one more filter option wallbase had - time range? It's very convenient feature, and reddit range( past hour, past 24 hours, past week, past month, past year, all time) seems to be sufficient. Is it hard to implement? Greets!
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    br3athless Not likely. The data for the "seen" markers is stored in your browser, not on hour server. That means if you use a different browser/computer, or the data in your browser is cleared for whatever reason, it'll reset. (For example after the last big update all "seen" markers were reset due to the switch to https). As a result that data isn't very reliable. Though I could add a little counter next to the Clear button in the browsing settings. @dwemer Username autocomplete on the forums would definitely be useful but I'm not sure how to implement it efficiently. I'll see if I can think of something. v3rde Advanced search features are planned, it just takes time.
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    It will be awesome to have an additional filter "Anime" or something like that(best option is to add this just like additional button together with content buttons - SFW, Sketchy, NSFW), cos its so annoying when you saw tons of anime and etc. pictures when you are trying to look for some new wallpapers. Anyway thank you very much for this flawless website, idk what i would do without it. <3 P.S. sorry for my english if something seems wrong
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    AksumkA omg im so blind, thank you very much for this amendment and sorry for my inattention! Have a nice day :)