[Feedback] “Seen” wallpapers and infinite scrolling performance

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    So, in the recent update there have been two additions/changes to wallpaper listings. 1. When you open a wallpaper, it will be marked, i.e. the thumbnails of that wallpaper will have a white overlay with the word “seen” on it. This is purely client side technology, meaning the “seen” marking is not stored anywhere on our server but instead in your browser (Firefox/Chrome/Safari, etc.). If you visit the site from a different computer your markings will not be available there. Edit: There will definitely be a setting to enable/disable this feature in the future. 2. The infinite scrolling on listing pages with lots of thumbnails (e.g. the Latest page) will now unload content that is out of sight further up the page. That means when you scroll back up far enough content will be missing. This should help with browsing on weaker computers, tablets etc. Both of these features are experimental and will probably need some tweaking. Any feedback (both negative and positive) is highly appreciated. If you encounter any kind of problems, please let us know. :)
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    Hello, I personally find the opacity to big and i would suggest to make this feature a user defined setting . It is useful. Thanks.
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    I see the infinite scrolling feature very useful. On other hand I don't like the 'seen' mark feature. Mostly because it has that transparent gray on thumbnail and therefore details on thumbnail are less visible. This is my subjective opinion.
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    Yeah, I'd like the thumbs transparent too. Maybe something subtle like, say an additional colored border around the purity border, instead of the opaqueness.
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    ^I agree with the border, seen needs to be more subtle and more easily toggled as not seen... Either way I'd rather have something that shows what has been uploaded since my last visit/a mark around the last wallpaper available since my last visit.
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    There will definitely be a setting to enable/disable the “seen” feature. I'm not sure how best to do the highlighting yet.
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    lezboyd took the words out of my mouth, something a bit more subtle would be nicer.
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    I love being able to see what I have already seen. This helps when I mark the first wallpaper of latest so that way when I come back to look at the site I know roughly where I left off and can view up to that point then I know I have already looked through the rest. THANKS !!!!
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    Alright, we just pushed a small update which includes a new design for the “seen” highlighting. Let me know what you think. :)
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    gr8 improvment, love it. waiting to see it in my browsing settings ^_^
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    Very good way to show 'seen' mark! Thumbnail is transparent now, I like it. Just a little detail: Letters could have some colored border to be more visible (for example black or other if you know what I mean)
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    I love this new 'Seen' mark much better :P
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    The seen looks amazing. Great idea and execution. Haven't had a good chance to critique infinite scrolling yet :)
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    alexzpm said:
    Hello, I personally find the opacity to big and i would suggest to make this feature a user defined setting . It is useful. Thanks.
    I very much agree with this. The "seen" text is very opaque. more transparency would help you see the wallpaper
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    Yeah i could live with this one. Nj guys.
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    On all the NSFW content it should show "peeped" instead of "seen" after you have viewed it. Other than that it's great!
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    The request for feedback on the inifnite scrolling got me out of lurker mode... Here goes: I scrolled down and when I tried scrolling up again I was greeted by the " Some content was removed in order to improve performance. Refresh the search to get it back." message. Being able to scroll back up towards the wallpapers you have already seen is important in my opinion. Also, the scrollbar flipflops due to the unloading of pages between the first and 'x'th page. I recommend taking a look at http://airbnb.io/infinity/, that takes care of the unloading without stripping users of the ability to scroll back up. It works in a way such that the total page length does not change, so the flipflopping of the scrollbar is also prevented. Try their demo pages without infinity and with it enabled. I hope this contributes, keep up the good work.
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    There is now a setting to enable/disable the “seen” feature. It's on by default. You can also clear them. If you have seen a lot of wallpapers (and I mean a lot) it may start to slow down your page loads on listings like the Latest page. Clearing should help in that case. c35pp I've looked at a bunch of libraries including that one. The problem is, they all rely on some kind of fixed/static layout. Either you have to use a fixed page width or static positioning for thumbnails. However our thumbnails are just flowing dynamically so we don't waste any space. That means pages change height if you change the browser window's width. There's really no easy way to deal with that.
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    hey i have an idea. what about a page with seen wallpapers? where you see only seen wallpapers
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    @dwemer That doesn't work since the data about which wallpapers you have seen is not stored on our server.
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    Gandalf does that mean that all seen wallpapers stored in browser cache or in your profile until you clear them in options?
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    Yes, this data is stored in your browser (using localStorage). Only the wallpapers' ids are stored, so the data is relatively small. However over time it may still accumulate to quite a bit, which is why we added the clear button.