Announcing Pre-Alpha!! (April Fools')

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    Goooood morning wallhaveners! Exciting times are finally upon us! After over two years in development we here at are pleased to announce a tremendous step backwards! We've hit PRE-ALPHA! We've come to the realization that calling the current state of the site "alpha" just isn't right anymore. As such we've decided to downgrade to PRE-ALPHA! The way we see it, we'll be in alpha for an eternity anyway, so why not take a step back and give ourselves a new, and exciting goal of re-reaching Alpha! So, the question on everyone's mind: How long will the site be in "PRE-ALPHA?" Well, based on current development time and our current goals for reaching "alpha" we're estimating a short wait of about 5-8 months! At that point we hope to have the site ready to continue the long arduous wait for Beta! Super exciting! We hope you enjoy this step backwards as much as we do!
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    Is that why all the images have that retro border thingy going on?
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    Lol, the site is good imo and can only get better. :)
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    After reading this post 5 times and 2 nosebleeds later, I can say with pride: Wait, wut? o.o
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    grats on being the first project ive ever seen to regress lol also, is there a way to turn off the retro borders? that's just funky as hell i admit but i prefer the square borders. oh, wait...
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    i prefer the square borders too...
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    Brilliant AksumkA! I fully support this decision.
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    It's the most fooliest time of the yeeear....
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    Okay funny haha, do i really need to wait until this shitty day is over before toggling back the square thumpnails ?
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    agcrouton said:
    Is that why all the images have that retro border thingy going on?
    This idd, it looks retarded. If you implement new options, at least give us the ability to turn it off if we don't like it.
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    April fools bruh, even the borders i think :P
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    I actually believed it lol Good job! :D
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    I would rather see advanced resolutuion search like on old website "larger than, at least, smaller than, exactly" sizes than rounded borders.... Btw i know what day is today.
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    someone provide a stylish script at least to turn it back to normal ;_; I don't celebrate april fools anymore.
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    add selection between round and square frames. I loved old thing.
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    New update looks weird please Roll Back asap Fool :D we all love old UI
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    That is up with the new borders. They are HORRIBLE. My monitor is not oval, I dont want to see wallpapers in oval. Please turn them OFF!
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    O M G ... great news and nice round borders at walls <3
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    When I saw the site today morning I was confused. And then I realized what the date is. GJ ! ;)
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    Great news! If you need any design help let me know! the looks of those thumbnail corners you sure do need it :P
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    Thanks for playing along guys! Hope you enjoyed your April fools! You know what would have been a real joke? If we had the beta ready by now and just launched it today! Ha! Well, we can dream can't we?
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    this is my favourite website that has ever existed (besides wallbase) and this just made my day