some minor issues that cropped up in the recent update

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    First things first: I browse wallhaven using FireFox 45.0.2 on Windows 10 build 10586.218. #1: I can't post in the Minor Issues subforum. Don't know if that's intended or not, it just seems strange to have the New Thread button there. No biggy. :D #2: All seen markers on wallpapers I've viewed in the past have disappeared. I know you guys said these things were tracked and stored client side but I haven't touched my cookies or cache or history in forever. I was viewing Latest and reached the page where all the wallpapers I had viewed prior to the site update were which was a day or so ago and none of them were seen. I verified some that i had even downloaded had the same wallpaper ID. Like 364657, I have that: As you can see in this screenshot i just took, its not marked seen. I also checked on some of the tags that I hadn't viewed recently and sure enough, they were all unmarked as well. Again, not really a big deal as I already have my own ways of dealing with duplicates that I might download especially since we still have people uploading duplicates anyway. :P #3: I thought this was pretty cool: (New Subscriptions Wallpapers page) but then: (wallpaper lists Latest, Random etc. also seen in the forums) and then: (any wallpaper view page, zoomed in to enable scrolling) #4: It could be just me but I've noticed the tag autocomplete feature has gotten a lot slower lately to the point of completely failing to load any suggestion even though I know the tag is in there somewhere. Usually I can just finish typing it in and hit enter but even then it actually takes a while to stick. 5: I love how clicking in the search bar up top drops down the filter drawer. Is it possible though for it to close back up if I click out of the search bar. Maybe I changed my mind about searching ya know? xD #6: Ok this one wasn't really in the recent update, it's just been bugging me for a while now I thought it might be good to talk about it now: Can we get these elements aligned better? :D I'm talking about the top of Recent Announcements even with the top of Featured and the bottom of Latest Posts with the bottom of Featured. I know Alpha Notice isn't gonna be there forever(right?) but when its gone it might throw everything off. Im no UX/UI designer or anything, just a fan of the site with severe OCPD. :D That's all for now. Gonna hang up my bug hunting helmet for a while so I can enjoy our beautiful collection of wallpapers. Keep it up, guys. I love the new top nav bar with its mixed colors and More drop down menu. :)
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    defurious, thanks for your detailed report! #1 People shouldn't really post in there (we move the threads there as needed) but I'm not sure how that is currently implemented. If you can't post there the button should certainly be hidden. What exactly happens when you try to post, i.e. what kind of error do you get? #2 That's because we switched the whole site to https. Browser's don't share localStorage between http and https so it's basically like a complete reset. There isn't really a good way around this other than some elaborate hack which I don't think is worth the trouble. #3 Funny, I hadn't noticed that. It's the same effect that causes the scrollbar to extend beside the header on some pages and not on others. I don't think it's an issue but then I may have to fix that for other reasons anyway. I definitely have to review some technical aspects of the new layout. #4 The autocomplete is a bit more detailed in its feedback now, before the latest update it didn't show a spinner while requests were pending. Since our server is also a bit slow right now that may cause it to appear a lot slower. Hopefully that'll be fixed soon. 5 I could do that. #6 Not really an issue. The height of individual sections on the startpage is different accross browsers and operating systems (depends on default font size, font rendering etc.). Even a long thread title could cause a line break in one of the boxes and change its height. At some point I want to create a new start page layout but don't hold your breath.
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    #2 Our server didn't support https until last weekend so there wasn't much https-everywhere could do about that. ^^
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    #6 On my 1366x768 laptop the announcements actually wrap around and display under the featured wallpapers.
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    The scrollbar thing (#3) should be "fixed" now, if that was ever a real issue. Had to change some stuff anyway. Edit: And I have a fix for 5 (auto-collapse searchbar) queued up.
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