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    Hi, I'm not sure where to post this so please bear with me. The thing is I used to be able to left click hold, drag to (windows explorer)folder and bam current image copied to local folder the advantages of this technique were : -fast -doesn't redownload image (instead copying from cache) Recently I retried with waterfox 44.0.3 or firefox 64bit 45.0.2. It doesn't seem to work like it used to. I can apparently rightclick hold in Internet explorer 11 to nearly do the same but I don't like IE much,& rightclick hold doesn't work either in firefox or waterfox. Is there a reason ? I believe you might have changed the way walls are displayed. I'm aware some of you guyz might say hey just right click then "save image as", it's much longer and unpractical, because let's face it, the number of walls is huge already ... :) Thanks for reading. Any answer appreciated.
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    You can use drag and drop, if you right click and pick "show picture", or whatever it is in english firefox. When it opens the picture and you get a direct link, you can drag/drop. Takes longer than just dragging from the normal picture page though.
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    Thanks for the report, it's already fixed and pending for the next update (shouldn't be long).